Administration Division

Cabinet Office is the highest administrative office in the Public Service responsible for coordinating the effective implementation of government policies, systems and procedures and the monitoring and evaluation of the overall performance of the Public Service for the efficient administration of Government. It operates directly under the office of the President for the Republic of Zambia.

Our Mandate

Cabinet Office derives its mandate and functions from Article 176 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia Act No.2 of 2016.  Cap 1 of the laws of Zambia.

Our Vision

“An institution of excellence in securing the general efficiency of the Public Service “

The vision which converges with overall Government vision challenges Cabinet Office to be a Center of Excellence in Public Service administration and enhance capacity to enforce its oversight and coordinating role in modernizing the Public Service.

Mission Statement

“To effectively coordinate and oversee government policies and programs and facilitate the conduct of Cabinet business in order to secure the general efficiency and effectiveness of the Public Service.”

Goal Statement

To achieve increased effectiveness and efficiency in the Public Service delivery


The office of the Secretary to the Cabinet was established under Article 176 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia and is responsible for ensuring the general efficiency of the Public Service. The Secretary to the Cabinet is deputized by two deputy Secretaries to the Cabinet, one in charge of Finance and Economic Development and the other responsible for Government and Public Service Administration.

The core functions of the office include the following:-

  • Ensuring that Cabinet decisions are translated into government policies and programs which should be effectively implemented by the appropriate Public Service institution:
  • Spearheading the strategic vision of the Public Service and coordinating Government Ministries and Institutions as well as reforms with a view of improving public services;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the overall performance of the Public Service;
  • Facilitating the implementation of decentralization in order to improve delivery of quality services by the local authorities; and overseeing ad hoc Commissions of inquiry and arbitrating as well as performing functions that are not allocated to any ministry.


The Sectary to the Cabinet performs his functions through the following Divisions;

  • Administration Division
  • Management Development Division
  • Policy Analysis and Coordination Division (PAC)
  • Private Sector Development Industrialization and Job Creation
  • SMART Zambia Institute
  • Remuneration Division

The Administration Division comprises of the under listed units;

Human Resources and Administration

  • The Unit provides administrative and logistical support services to the office of the Secretary to the Cabinet and the rest of the Divisions at Cabinet Office in line with their respective operational requirements.
  • It manages and develops human resources in order to enhance the performance of Cabinet Office.
  • It further provides guidelines to Provincial and District Administrations as well as the rest of the Public Sector on policy interpretation, implementation and provide guidance to constitutional office holders on the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Audit Unit

The unit is responsible for providing Internal Audit controls in the utilization of resources for all Divisions at Cabinet Office.

Common Services and Accounting Unit

The unit is responsible for providing accounting services to all Divisions under Cabinet Office

Procurement and Supplies Unit

The unit is responsible for all procurement and supply of goods and service for Cabinet Office.

Civil Service Travel

This Unit was set up to manage all air travel in Ministries, Provinces and other spending Agencies in order to Manage air travels in the Public Service in order to ensure efficient use of financial resources, the unit further;

  • Streamlines procurement of air travel tickets within government;
  • Promotes accountability and transparency in this process; and
  • Ensures air travel cost reduction and value for money.

State functions

The main objective of the unit is to effectively manage and coordinate state functions other Presidential assignments in order to enable the Presidency perform ceremonial, Constitutional and other National duties.

Conduct of state functions and other Presidential assignments in order to enable the Presidency perform ceremonial, constitutional and other national duties;